Aura Infernum - The Flight Over Massless Soul

from by Eternium



Track 2 of "Repelling A Solar Giant."

This chapter depicts the events of Aura Titian going insane and ballistic. In his own sway, he finds nothing more than the discomfort of existence. As a last attempt to try to revive Amethyst, he casts a forbidden ritual beneath his feet to transport himself to Aura Infernum, the realm of souls and the dead. At first, he is extremely captivated by the sights he sees, all of these shades and auras, in a sea-like movement.

Although... There is no shade of Amethyst here...


“Reflections -- they cast my visage aside,
As the reflections gaze at me...
A colored concerto grows,
Lacking an Amethyst..."

Her Obsidian corpse remains
In my soul, in my body, and in my gaze...”

“A ritual is made.”
Aura Spirit:
“We gaze at you...”
“A pact with death.”
Aura Spirit:
“We know your cause...”
“To descend upon...”
Aura Spirit:
“We have her not...”
“Where souls go to die.”
Aura Spirit:
“Leave us be...”

And so, Titian flew...
Above the souls...
That have been long forgotten...
Omitted by those who have lain here.

This realm lacks a sun,
A benigh sight to Titian...

A lit by a concerto of color,
Verdant, Azure, Pale, and Dark

A majestic sight...
Titian wanders through the massless soul...

...And even this presence could not disconcert Titian’s grief...
For this realm, lacking a sun
Also lacked the Aura of Amethyst...

[Muttering and manicial actions of Titian]

“Perhaps she truly is dead...
A purity lost, her body left upon my eyelids!
No.. no!
I look down to the ocean of auras...
She must be buried beneath!”

“I dive down to the Aura-Sea
Where Life and Death meet
I shall slit and I shall kill
This barricade of soul

In his mind, Titian had grown insane
His body grew with Darkened veils
As he slaughtered a myriad of helpless souls”

“I shall slit and I shall kill
This barricade of soul
My faith lies deep beyond the chasm
Wherein Amethyst lies living!

I shall slit and I shall kill
This barricade of soul
Where their energies gather...
Amethyst shall be reborn!

Where are you?!”

“I shall slaughter and I shall kill
Even if it takes an Eternity

I will search to eternity’s end
I will search from zenith to nadir...
Dark and light have lost all attachment,
All that remains is I...

I will find you, Aura Amethyst."


from Repelling A Solar Giant, released September 26, 2013
Markov Soroka - All instruments and vocals.

Session members for recording:

Chad Griffin - Keyboards
Brent Dossett - Bass
Gabe Price - Guitars
Cole Sandel - Drums

Recorded and mixed by Matthew Koch in winter of 2012.
Artwork by Ken Sarafin.
Logo by Christophe Szpajdel.



all rights reserved


Eternium St Louis, Missouri

Eternium is a Symphonic Black/Death metal band from the US, with heavy influences from Dawn, Sacramentum, Emperor, etc.

The future currently holds a split to be released in 2014, as well as plans for the next full length to continue the story of life creations of Aura Titian & Aura Amethyst. Meanwhile, you can sample the "Repelling A Solar Giant" debut here.
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