Aura Titian - Obsidian Dressed His Eyelids

from by Eternium



First track of "Repelling A Solar Giant."

Enter Titian, god of positive life. After nearly an era of life-creation, he finds Aura Amethyst, god of negative life. Together they work in the balance to create life itself. Titian, a once-devoted worshiper of the sun, cannot believe his eyes when Aura Amethyst dies beneath his feet by solar flares cast down by his god. Little does he know that it was a darker force that left Amethyst into ash and his eyelids into obsidian.


"Solar Beams Entwined... You are my wine!"

This flesh was Earth-born -- A being of the dark
His eyes shone with Titian wrath
The solar giant weaved promises, and Titian showed his faith.

Among this living Earth, Titian had found corresponding flesh
A blood-born as he was, her body shone a bright Amethyst...

"Our auras danced upon fields of life
A beautiful, morbid act
Yet our dances upon cadavers and soulless wights
Only left death pendulous in fear..."

The solar giant wept insane...
The aeons between Titian and Amethyst
Had become it's bane.

The Solar Giant:
"What has this Amethyst done for me?
Does she fall to her knees? Or does she simply disconcert?"

Solar beams consumed Amethyst
Leaving nothing but obsidian dross
The obsidian that had scorched Titian's eyes

Her once brightening body, that had given off life
Now lies dead, with fissures for eyes
“You murderous, disenchant god!
Why must my love lie lifeless?!
I swear on this day, I shall worship no longer
This is not the warmth I felt at birth...
I am a being of creation!
I shall worship the sun that solely gives life!”

Dry obsidian haunted Titian’s eyelids
A physical, damnable scar

A scar that left Titian focused
At The Solar Giant, and Amethyst’s scorched corpse

Her lifeless, obsidian, scorched corpse!

“I shall revive her...
And the murderous sun-god,
Shall die.”


from Repelling A Solar Giant, released September 26, 2013
Markov Soroka - All instruments and vocals.

Session members for recording:

Chad Griffin - Keyboards
Brent Dossett - Bass
Gabe Price - Guitars
Cole Sandel - Drums

Recorded and mixed by Matthew Koch in winter of 2012.
Artwork by Ken Sarafin.
Logo by Christophe Szpajdel.



all rights reserved


Eternium St Louis, Missouri

Eternium is a Symphonic Black/Death metal band from the US, with heavy influences from Dawn, Sacramentum, Emperor, etc.

The future currently holds a split to be released in 2014, as well as plans for the next full length to continue the story of life creations of Aura Titian & Aura Amethyst. Meanwhile, you can sample the "Repelling A Solar Giant" debut here.
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